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Saaremaa - literally Land of Islands - is the second biggest island in the Baltic Sea with an area of 2 668 km².  At the same time Saaremaa is the biggest island  of  the Republic of Estonia. Muhu – the third biggest island (206 km²) of Estonia lies between Saaremaa and the mainland.  Saaremaa and Muhu are connected with a walkway through the strait and constitute the predominant part of Saare County. Additionally some small islands belong  under  Saare  county,  but these constitute  a  very  small  part  of  the  area  and population of the county. There are 15 communes and 1 town –Kuressaare, in Saaremaa. 13 of the communes and the  town  are  situated  on  the  island  of  Saaremaa, Muhu  and Ruhnu  being  two  separate islands and communes. According to the 2011 population survey 31.344 inhabitants lived in Saare County. The  average population density in the county  is  11.9 residents/km2.
Saaremaa has an old tradition of boat-building, today both wooden and plastic boats are manufactured on the island. The production of recreational crafts and boats has risen from a traditional industry to an innovative one and almost all of the production is sold to foreign markets. The biggest ship construction facility is Baltic Workboats AS.

Saare County Government is a government agency which provides services to the county governor. County governor represents the interests of the state in the county and cares for the comprehensive and balanced development of the county.