The Öland Municipal Federation is a formal cooperation between the two municipalities of the island of Öland: Borgholm in the north and Mörbylånga in the south. The organisation is led by political representatives from the city councils of both municipalities.

The Öland Municipal Federation is a convenient instrument for municipal cooperation and handles mostly issues within the sectors of overall planning, tourism and rescue.

Most of the work is built upon twin town cooperation involving pupils, teachers, culture workers, environment experts and officials.

Furthermore the municipal federation of Öland is part of the network of B7 Baltic Islands Network together with the seven biggest islands in the Baltic Sea. The main issue of B7 is environmental issues.

Öland has had great success when it comes to renewable energy and within the region of Kalmar County 65 % of energy usage comes from renewable energy. Therefore Öland is one of the advanced islands within the Smilegov cooperation.