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Hiiumaa - Hiiu Municipality

Hiiu Municipality is one of the four municipalities on the island of Hiiumaa at West-Estonia with the population of 4846 inhabitants (01.12.2013), making almost half of the population of the island. Hiiu Municipality is the youngest municipality on the island. It was formated after the 2013 local elections, when the municipalities of Kärdla and Kõrgessaare merged. Hiiumaa is the second largest island (1000 km2) and one of the 15 counties of Estonia.


The formation of the island dates back to 455 million years when at the present location of the capital town of Kärdla, after the meteorite encounter, an archipelago with a diameter of 10 km rose from the sea. Nowadays Kärdla can enjoy precious natural artesian water due to this cosmic encounter of the past.


The island is led by the Hiiu County Government. Between 2010-2012 Hiiumaa has participated in the project Islepact as an associate member. During the project the Pact of Islands was signed by the Union of Local Authorities of Hiiumaa and in October 2012 the Hiiumaa 2020 Sustainable Energy Action Plan was approved. The Kärdla Town Government was the coordinator of the project in Hiiumaa.


Hiiu Municipality has 14 administrative units. The responsibility of the municipality is to coordinate local planning, construction of public buildings, road and public lighting maintenance, waste management, social security and education. The municipality is also working on projects based on various development fields like energy planning, tourism, social services etc.