SMILEGOV Workshop on the Isle of Man: Using the LFA methodology to evaluate priority projects

The 2nd SMILEGOV Local Workshop of the CPMR cluster took place on the Isle of Man on 11-12 November 2014. The workshop was well attended by various government departments of the Isle of Man, the local utility, the Friends of the Earth and other local NGOs, Ms Diana Mompoloki representing the Isles of Scilly and Councilor Luisa Hillard representing the Isle of Wight via video link.

Local participants included:

  • Ken Milne, Department of Economic Development
  • Richard Cuthbert, Department of Economic Development
  • Bernard Warden, Dept. of Environment, Fisheries and Agriculture
  • Kristian Cowin, Dept. of Environment, Fisheries and Agriculture
  • Andy Cowie, The Manx Utilities Authority
  • Richard Bujko, The Manx Utilities Authority
  • George Fincher, The Manx Energy Advice Centre
  • Cat Turner, Isle of Man Friends of the Earth
  • Muriel Garland, Zero Waste Mann

After an introduction of the SMILEGOV project by Dr Panos Coroyannakis (CPMR Cluster leader) the meeting participants split in two groups.

The first group analysed the proposed biomass project on the Isle of Man and the second group analysed the proposed marine energy project. Both groups were chosen as representative island projects, the first one in a more advanced stage of maturity and the second one at an early start up stage.

Both projects were analysed using the Logical Framework Approach (LFA). The participants found the LFA methodology very helpful and at the end of the workshop each group produced an LFA matrix with significant findings about the viability and implementation prospects for eachone of the two projects