SMILEGOV Swedish cluster gathered on a 2nd workshop with archipelago of Blekinge

The SMILEGOV Swedish cluster held its second workshop on 26th June 2014 in Karlskrona. The main objective of the meeting was to introduce the SMILEGOV activities to the Archipelago of Blekinge, in order to invite them to join the project.

A first meeting was held last year in September but there has been no absolute way of involving these densely populated islands to the Swedish cluster. Part of the reason is that projects on these islands rely on unpaid work for islanders and the willingness for this has not been found.

Many similarities were found between the work that has been done on Öland and what Blekinge has started recently concerning their tourism destination.

During the meeting, bankable projects were discussed. The situation in the islands was introduced and many examples were analyzed. They particularly decided to focus on the project “Förstudie Arkipelagorutt” as bankable project. It is a pilot study on a sustainable archipelago tour between islands in the archipelago of Blekinge. This project is due to start in October 2014 and therefore it fits quite well into timeschedules of SMILEGOV. Trainees from the Swedish cluster will also take advantage of the European Academy E-learning platform.


The project is to investigate conditions for setting up a cross-municipal boat tour with interesting stops showing good examples of sustainable businesses, for example lodging, food and transport on islands. The existing regular traffic at sea is handled by a regional part, Blekingetrafiken. Multi-level governance is clearly needed to fulfill the project.

Another result of the workshop was for the municipal of Karlskrona to think of how to better implement energy issues information into ongoing spatial planning.