SMILEGOV project progress and steps ahead - 3rd SMILEGOV coordination project meeting, 8th-9th April 2014

At the invitation of the LCA, a capacity building workshop on effective multi-level cooperation for the implementation of sustainable energy projects took place in Sliema, Malta, with the participation of all SMILEGOV partners, as well as of representatives of the island of Alderney and Hiiumaa.

The workshop focused on capacity building and knowledge transfer between clusters leaders. Videos from the task force were presented to introduce good examples of multilevel governance processes, (such as the successful case of the Biogas process to establish a locally produced renewable fuel etc.) Other presentations of practical cases related to one of the 6 categories of priority areas from the learning partners gave a larger view on what's going on in the clusters. Specific cases from the clusters were of high interest for the learning partners: Mr. Neil Harvey, representing the States of Alderney (Channel Islands) which newly joined the SMILEGOV project, presented an overview of this Channel Island’s activities and projects in renewable energies, the El Hierro case from the Spanish cluster was also presented and discussed. In the second part of the workshop partners received training on the use of the Logical Framework Approach (LFA) method. This methodology will be used to address and overcome MLG barriers within the clusters’ local activities.

In the forthcoming months, the experience gained will be transferred to other European islands within the 12 islands’ clusters established through local capacity building workshops. These workshops will be organised by the respective cluster leader. Among them, the cluster of Cyprus will organise its local workshop on 13 July 2014 within the framework of the Sustainable Energy Week, the Spanish cluster’s local workshop will be organised in July in the Canary Islands. More information on all the clusters’ local events will be soon available on the SMILEGOV website.

On 8-9 April, the 3rd SMILEGOV project meeting also took place in Sliema - Malta. SMILEGOV partners, including cluster leaders, presented and discussed progress and achievements of the project. They welcome the new Islands which confirmed their participation in the CPMR cluster: Alderney, Isle of Man, Isle of Wight, Martinique, La Réunion and French Polynesia. The group also discussed barriers and difficulties encountered in the setting-up of clusters and inter-cluster networks, as well as on the activities of cluster leaders on capacity development for further project implementation. The SMILEGOV team will meet again on 30 September – 2 October 2014 in Samsø, Denmark.