SMILEGOV CONFERENCE: Islands towards smarter multilevel governance in their path to 2020

The conference “Islands towards smarter multilevel governance in their path to 2020 took place 24th June in Brussels, from 9.00 to 13.00. It put a spotlight on the progress of the project, and presented, in a first session, how to overcome barriers in the implementation of island Sustainable Energy Action Plans, through feedback from the SMILEGOV project clusters leaders, and a presentation of the “shinning projects” and success stories. Then a political debate, sized the span of the multilevel and multilateral governance challenges for helping Islands achieving the 2020 objectives. Representatives from local and regional authorities presented their recommendations to smartly overcome the MLG challenging barriers from “theory to praxis” and on-site achievements. This unique “smart Islands” event was followed the day after, 25th June, by the CPMR – Islands Commission General Assembly and welcomed 41 new Isle pact signatories.


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See photos of the Smilegov final event, workshop and the Pact of islands signing ceremony


See power point presentations:

Overview of the Smilegov capacity development process - Kostas Komninos


Strategic Guidelines to enhance MLG in overcoming iSEAP barriers - Michael Larsen

How moving forward Sustainable Energy Project in the EU islands - Filipe Oliveira

Additional tools to implement MLG in sustainable energy planning, through the Coopenergy experience,FEDARENE - Elodie Bossio

How overcoming financing and ownership barriers for sustainable energy projects – The REScoop experience - Dirk Knapen

Shining project, EVs on Samsø, Michael Larsen

Shining project, repower and extension of the municipal wind park in Lesvos, Kostas Komninos

Shining project, Street light project in Madeira island, Filipe Oliveira

Shining project, Biogas project in two islands, Elvira Laneborg & Bertil Klintbom