CPMR cluster local workshop in Newport, Isle of Wight

The 1st CPMR cluster local workshop took place  17 June in Newport – Isle of Wight.

The workshop attracted politicians as well as officers from the Isle of Wight Council and the Isle of Man government.

During the meeting participants from both islands  were able to establish the Think Tank for the next steps of the projects.
They identified their Priority sectors, as well as some examples of good practice from both islands.
One example of bad practice from the Isle of Man due to Multilevel Governance issuesw as also highlighted.

The possibility of the Isle of Wight signing the Pact of Islands was also discussed at length and will be put on the agenda of the next Isle of Wight Council meeting for consideration.

To conclude, three investors made presentation on on-going investment plans in marine energies, an off-shore wind park and a hydrogen project.

More information available soon with the Minutes of the meeting.

photo: copyright Steve Daniels