Declaration on Climate by Local and regional Authorities in the Mediterranean

The “Declaration on Climate by Local and regional Authorities in the Mediterraneanwas drawn up by the CPMR Intermediterranean Commission jointly with the Mediterranean Commission of UCLG and approved in the framework of an international meeting of local and regional elected officials of the Mediterranean on Climate that was held on 11th December in Marseilles. This second preparatory event in the view of COP21 gathered more than 150 representatives of seventeen Mediterranean Countries to discuss the Climate Challenges for the basin and the territorial response and commitment, in order to positively contribute to a joint Mediterranean vision towards the COP 21 that will be held at the end of 2015 in Paris.


Michel Vauzelle , President of the Region Provence-Alpes-Côtes d’Azur who hosted the event, stated, “We must champion the key role of regional and local authorities in tackling global warming in order to incite as many authorities as possible in the Mediterranean to adopt a more inclusive approach towards drawing up an ambitious and binding future international agreement that is consistent with the increasingly pressing alerts from the scientific community. Among the multitude of actions possible, regional and local authorities should continue their commitments towards greening and energy transition by developing renewable energies, building eco-districts, structuring the waste treatment and recovery sectors as well as improving the sustainable development of water resources.” Moreover, the President announced that a further high-level event – the “MEDCOP 21” will be organised on 4-5th June 2015 in Marseille in cooperation with the French Presidency and different key players of the basin, in order to contribute to a true positive agenda on Climate at the Mediterranean level. This event will act as a prelude to COP21, the most important meeting on climate change since the COP 15 held in Copenhagen, since it is supposed to lead to an international landmark agreement.

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