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Build Local Capacity

Each cluster leader organizes local capacity building involving all key stakeholders from and think tanks the cluster’s islands with the aim to convey the knowledge gained  from plenary workshops and assist islands to improve their competence in planning and implementation of sustainable energy projects.


Local workshops

Islands that have some experience in energy planning and already elaborate on specific sustainable energy projects, are invited to participate in local capacity building workshops to receive new ideas and knowledge “from the experts” and improve their skills in terms of project development. The tangible target for these islands is to deliver 50 projects that have moved some steps towards implementation.


Find below a sample of local workshops that were carried out during the SMILEGOV projects in some clusters:


Cluster of Greece

SMILEGOV workshop in Athens: Island authorities deepen their knowledge on stakeholders’ analysis and innovative mechanisms to finance local sustainable energy projects
The Greek cluster convened the 4th local SMILEGOV workshop in Athens on 19 June 2015. Building on the 3rd local workshop, hosted earlier this year in the Greek capital, participants had the chance to experiment with participatory processes in decision-making, all while deepening their understanding of innovative tools to finance sustainable energy projects on their territories.
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Smilegov Workshop in Athens: The Aegean Islands learning to work with stakeholders
The 3rd local workshop of the Greek cluster took place in Athens on Sunday 19th of April shading light to one of the common barriers identified by the Smilegov islanders; the communication and collaboration with stakeholders during the planning and implementation of sustainable energy projects. Representatives from the cluster members, mainly municipal employees, attended the workshop contributing significantly to the discussions and works.
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Cluster of Sweden

SMILEGOV Swedish cluster leaders, Öland and region Gotland, organised a two days local capacity-building workshop from 8-9 June 2015.

The programme included a first day workshop focusing on the theme of biogas and the second day was dedicated to energy efficiency in buildings: How do we find climate-smart solutions for transport and buildings on our islands?

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SMILEGOV Swedish cluster gathered on a 2nd workshop with archipelago of Blekinge

The SMILEGOV Swedish cluster held its second workshop on 26th June 2014 in Karlskrona. The main objective of the meeting was to introduce the SMILEGOV activities to the Archipelago of Blekinge, in order to invite them to join the project.
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Cluster of Estonia

Estonian cluster started sustainable energy training course

On 20-21 January 1st cycle of training on sustainable energy technologies and planning was held on the island of Saaremaa. Smilegov project Estonian cluster members are participating on 8-day training programme. Training course is organised by Saare County Government and Local LEADER group and supported by Smilegov project and LEADER programme.

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Workshop on Island of Vormsi: Involving local community in energy projects - problems and solutions

A SMILEGOV Local workshop combined with a Think Tank meeting was organised on May 29th on the Island of Vormsi. 12 participants focused on how to better involved local community which is not very co-operative into energy projects, by using the LFA – Logical Framework Approach – methodology.
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Cluster of Cyprus

Local workshop on overcoming the multilevel governance barriers in Cyprus
The Cyprus cluster’s local workshop took place 13th of June in Strovolos, Cyprus, and combined with a National Event for local authorities and sustainable energy action planning (in the framework of SEAP+ and Meshartility project). It was a special training session for the cluster members (the 21 registered trainees) and also open to the rest of the conference participants.
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Cluster of Scotland

Oban hosted a SMILEGOV project meeting
Partners from the SMILEGOV Scottish cluster led by the SIF (Scottish Federation of Islands) gathered on 30th May 2014 in Oban and discussed on solutions for long-term innovative ways of delivering better energy planning. Sandy Brunton, SIF Chairman declared to the OBAN TIMES “European island cooperation has been brilliant in the past with the INTERREG III C programme which saw exchanges between Scotland’s islands and six other countries […] Projects really help to put the smaller islands on the map.
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Cluster of CPMR

CPMR cluster local workshop in Newport, Isle of Wight
The 1st CPMR cluster local workshop took place 17 June in Newport – Isle of Wight. The workshop attracted politicians as well as officers from the Isle of Wight Council and the Isle of Man government. During the meeting participants from both islands were able to establish the Think Tank for the next steps of the projects. They identified their Priority sectors, as well as some examples of good practice from both islands. One example of bad practice from the Isle of Man due to Multilevel Governance issues was also highlighted.
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isle of manSMILEGOV Workshop on the Isle of Man: Using the LFA methodology to evaluate priority projects
The 2nd SMILEGOV Local Workshop of the CPMR cluster took place on the Isle of Man on 11-12 November 2014. The workshop was well attended by various government departments of the Isle of Man, the local utility, the Friends of the Earth and other local NGOs, Ms Diana Mompoloki representing the Isles of Scilly and Councilor Luisa Hillard representing the Isle of Wight via video link. Read more