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COOPENERGY is a three-year European funded project (co-funded through the Intelligent Energy Europe Programme) aiming to help regional (county) and local public authorities develop joint action plans by using Multi-Level Governance agreements.





COOPENERGY is working with SMILEGOV to share resources, good practices and combine collective learning in a variety of ways:

  • Sharing good practice on collaboration: SMILEGOV will share its good practice on how regional and local authorities are already collaborating well together on sustainable energy, across European Islands, to support the resources developed through COOPENERGY
  • Guidance on Multi-Level Governance: Learning and knowledge acquired from SMILEGOV will also be incorporated into a COOPERNERGY Guidebook on developing Multi-Level Governance, aimed at regional and local authorities across Europe
  • Communicating in partnership: COOPENERGY coordinates its communications with SMILEGOV. This ensure the guidance and resources developed through both projects are widely promoted to authorities across the European mainland and Island communities.


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