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SMILEGOV in a nutshell

The project was built on the idea that cooperation between different levels of governance of islands (i.e. National, regional, local) can have a key role to play towards reaching the 20-20-20 EU goals in the area of energy and climate change.


The role of good multilevel cooperation is identified as one of the key points for consistent (between different levels) and eventually effective sustainable energy planning at local level. Especially, when it comes to island communities this role proves to be crucial for the balanced development of the island, the resources management, the economic growth and the quality of life for the citizens and visitors.


SMILEGOV, based on success stories and close European cooperation will strengthen local capacity and work towards the improvement of multilevel cooperation in European islands aiming to facilitate the implementation of their sustainable energy action plans towards the EU 20-20-20 goals.


As for those islands that have not yet been through the sustainable energy planning process towards 2020, capacity building will be offered with the aim to support the island structures and enable them to develop their own planning and energy projects.


For the support of this process, clusters of European islands will be set up in the largest part of the European insular regions: The Atlantic (Canaries, Scotland), the Baltic Sea (Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Estonia) and the Mediterranean (Italy, Malta, Cyprus, Greece). The formation of clusters of islands and the exchange of knowledge at local and regional level, the identification of Strategic Guidelines for overcoming existing barriers through the assistance of advanced islands, as well as the process of learning from the experience of models areas (“learning from the experts”) will be the guide for the exploration of this path.